Closed 2019Ryusendo Cave summer festival

Update date:2019/06/27

We hold “Ryusendo Cave summer festival” this year. At quite popular roasted meat corner, we sell Iwaizumi short corner cow set (2,000 yen) and Ryusendo  black pig set (1,000 yen) each 100 sets of limitation every year. Nagano of comedian appears at stage event! In addition, walk behavior of Ichigoni, the sinus with expert from rice cake firewood, Rikuchu Coast fish and vegetables kingdom executive committee; “let’s investigate mystery of Ryusendo Cave”, and there is “tree climbing” to enjoy climbing a tree by instruction of guide. There are Tanohata-mura, branch from Fudai-mura in branch other than Iwaizumi-cho special product, too. Sunday of 3 consecutive holidays to Ryusendo Cave!