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Update date:2022/09/20 Open

Opening hours: 8.30am – 5pm (last entry to the cave).
Daily updates on Ryusendo are posted on SNS.

Please follow us.

Due to the recent heavy rainfall.
Please be careful of your feet and head as temporary scaffolding has been erected in some areas.
*There is a lot of shizuku falling from above in the cave, so it is useful to have rain protection such as boots, a kappa, hooded parka, towel or hat. Your face and clothes may get wet.

Preventing new coronavirus infection.
To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, please wear a mask when entering the cave and take your temperature at the entrance.
The temperature in the cave is around 10 degrees Celsius all year round. It is recommended to wear light, water-repellent clothing.
Jumpers and kappas are not available for rent.
Pets are not allowed in the caves. Pets are not allowed in the caves and will not be kept in the office.

Open all year round (may be closed without notice due to rising water levels caused by rain etc.).
The Ryusendo Youth Travel Village campsite will be closed in 2022.

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Business Hours

Business Hours
AM8:30 - PM5:00

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Visitors' Guide

Visitors' Guide

Entering Precautions

Entering Precautions

Barrier-Free Information

Barrier-Free Information


Regular Events at Ryusendo Cave

About the Speleological Research Institute of Japan


vr Virtual Reality

Experience VR (virtual reality) inside the cave of Ryusendo!

It is on the official channel of Menkoi TV!

Iwaizumi-cho Official ChannelVisitIwaizumi


A Blue World Opening up Deep Inside the Ryusendo Cave.

Ryusen-do Cave is known as one of Japan's three greatest limestone caves and has been designated, together with bats living in the cave, as a national natural treasure.

The total length of the Cave, as far as is known is 4,088 m, of which 700 m is open to the public.
So far, eight underground lakes have been found, of which three are open to the public.
Exploration continues to this day and there is still much remaining to be investigated. The Cave is thought to extend to a total length of 5,000 m or more.
Stalactites are nature's work of art created over countless ages.

The underground lakes have brilliant blue water that is amongst the most transparent in the world.

You can be sure that even after one viewing of Ryusendo Cave, you will be left with a life-long memory.

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