News of opening

Update date:2020/10/17

Ryusendo Cave opens on today.But there is unstable place of step for temporary footing setting. In addition, there are many drops of water dripping down from the intracavernous top. Face and clothes may get wet. Thank you for your understanding.

▼「The Thundering Waterfall」~「Dragon Palace Gate」

It is state of temporary footing.

As ceiling becomes low, we go slowly carefully overhead, and please give on passing of noble people.


▼News of intracavernous special route

For extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease, we assume intracavernous sightseeing route one way.

Doorway is the same place, but exit is different from entrance and, in the case of one way, usually goes along stairs (about 60 steps) by all means.


・You can see all Lake bottom of the earth to the first … third. Verge to Mihara Ridge that you are watching,
Mihara Pass → Lake first bottom of the earth observation deck → Lake bottom of the earth → We observe exit and Lake bottom of the earth two times and return on the same way.
(in total 272 steps of stairs)
・We go down the sinus in the wrong direction during one way regulation and cannot come back to entrance.
・Distance to original place (entrance) is about 200m after we go out tunnel exit.