Partial route closure from Saturday 16 July to Monday 18 July.

Update date:2022/07/08

Due to the expected congestion in the caves caused by the large number of visitors, it is not possible to go up to the “First Underground Lake Observation Deck” during the following period.

The tourist route is under one-way traffic restrictions. There are separate entrances and exits, and you must pass through a staircase (approx. 60 steps).


Saturday 16 July – Monday 18 July 2022

Please note
All underground lakes can be seen from the first to the third underground lake.

During one-way traffic restrictions, it is not possible to return to the entrance by driving backwards through the cave.

The distance from the tunnel exit to the original location (entrance) is approximately 200 metres.

Wheelchair access is not permitted during this period.

Please note that the tourist announcements in the cave are at the Skyscraper, the Third Underground Lake and the Mihara Pass, but you cannot go through the Mihara Pass.

Please note that the route is subject to change without notice when congestion is expected. Please be aware of this.