News of intracavernous one way

Update date:2019/06/27

【It is intracavernous one way on Sunday, July 14】

On the day of Ryusendo Cave summer festival, it is expected by very many customers that the sinus is crowded. Therefore we assume intracavernous sightseeing route one way.
Doorway is usually the same place, but, in the case of one way, is entrance Lake third bottom of the earth Entrance and exit are another place to go up stairs (about 60 steps), and to become route to tunnel exit.


By route during one way regulation, you can see all Lake bottom of the earth to the first … third.

We go down the sinus in the wrong direction during one way regulation and cannot come back to entrance.                  

Customer of wheelchair has to wait for nyudo until we cancel one way.

Business start (8:30 a.m.) – around 4:00 p.m. is indication in enforcement time for one way, but may not cancel regulation depending on the congestion situation.                      

Distance to original place (entrance) is about 200m after we go out tunnel exit.