News of intracavernous announcement update

Update date:2019/07/26

We had we were from Iwate, and Ryusen-o Cave intracavernous sightseeing announcement blow into “Hoko Kuwashima” of popular voice actor who acted as volost Iwate culture ambassador desired in Ryusen-do Cave. Even private came to Ryusen-do Cave, and the edge was connected this time. Voice full of translucency of Kuwajima still more strongly sends charm of Ryusen-do Cave to tourists.

In addition, it is three places of place “Mihara Pass” high most, but, as for announcement being made in sinus, as for the sinus income, “The 3rd underground lake” of the sightseeing route turning point, please be careful in sinus immediate “skyscraper” as we cannot go along “Mihara Pass” during period of intracavernous one way for busy season. During enforcement day and period of intracavernous one way, we will tell at any time on homepage.

Announcement update day: Friday, July 26